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About Zero to One Capital


We build leading companies that empower people and enrich communities.


To be the leading P.E fund manager that will build the next generation of companies in healthcare,transport, insurance and education sectors in East and Central Africa.


Zero to One Capital is a respected private equity fund management company. Reliability, competence, professionalism and innovation are the values that set out company apart, always putting customers first. To meet their needs, bespoke strategies and integrated solutions are studied and developed, carried through by a tailor-made approach and aimed at supporting clients in their own family and business sphere. A single one-stop-shop for:

Asset management/investment advice

Private equity and alternative finance transactions asset plannin

Tax planing

Property management risk

Under the leadership of exceptional professionals, the company has built a diversified investment portfolio across a range of sectors. Zero to One Capital has a substantial asset base invested in mid-market companies with strong growth prospects and has become a leading 21st century African investment firm.

Our Services

Investing for Growth

Zero to One Capital adheres to an investment philosophy centered around fostering long-term growth prospects. Our primary objective is to identify and capitalize on niche investment opportunities that possess the potential to generate exceptional value and returns. Through meticulous analysis and discerning selection, we diligently construct a portfolio that not only ensures sustainable growth but also maximizes the benefits for our esteemed clients.

Sustainable Partnership

The firm takes immense pride in its commitment to building sustainable businesses, nurturing enduring relationships and partnerships, and providing comprehensive support to both management teams and all stakeholders of the companies in which it invests. This dedication underscores our holistic approach to investment, as we believe in fostering long-term success by actively engaging with and empowering the various entities involved.

Distinguished Track Record

Zero to One Capital has firmly established itself as a distinguished firm, boasting a remarkable track record of capital deployment, growth creation, and transformation. Our unwavering commitment to impeccable integrity sets us apart, as we place the utmost importance on professional and ethical behavior. With a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality results, we consistently strive to exceed expectations and uphold our reputation as a trusted and respected entity in the industry.

Disciplined Approach

The firm's investment decisions are rooted in industry expertise, intelligent research, discipline, and an unwavering focus on generating superior returns. By leveraging our deep understanding of the market, conducting diligent research, maintaining a disciplined approach, and consistently prioritizing optimal returns, we ensure that our investment choices are well-informed and positioned to outperform in the marketplace.

Diverse Investments

Zero to One Capital seeks investment opportunities across various sectors of the African market. Our focus lies on businesses with a proven track record, tangible growth prospects, and robust management teams. By targeting such enterprises, we aim to build a diverse portfolio that capitalizes on solid foundations, promising growth potential, and effective leadership.

Commitment to Lasting Transformation

COMMITMENT TO LASTING TRANSFORMATION A deep-rooted passion for transformation, both in the economic and social spheres, serves as a driving force behind Zero to One Capital's vision. We wholeheartedly embrace the empowerment of others and actively seek to leverage our professional expertise for the benefit of individuals and communities in the areas where we are involved.

Our Projects


Pharmacy chain.

Health care

Private hospital across Kenya.


Fleet expansion.


Radiology stand alone units across Kenya .


Our Portfolio

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